Hana O'Looney

Spring 2024
Director of Communications

My name is Hana O'Looney, and I'm a sophomore (Class of 2026) from Gaithersburg, Maryland in Mather House pursuing a double concentration in Economics and Government. I was elected to be Director of Communications, which means I serve on the Institute of Politics's four-person student executive team and manage all communications for the Institute, including emails, social media, our website, and other digital content. 

Over the next year, I'm looking forward to uplifting the incredible public service work that is being done within all 15 of our programs and showcasing our diverse community through fun innovative media content. At Harvard, I am also part of Harvard Model Congress, Harvard Women in Business, and our student-run radio station WHRB 95.3FM. In my free time, I can be found discussing education policy, going to hot pilates, or discovering new ways to caffeinate.